Spin Master Wiggles Musical Plush

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BATTERY SAFETY INFORMATION • Non-rechargeable batteries are not to be recharged. • Rechargeable batteries are to be removed from the toy before being charged. • Rechargeable batteries are only to be charged under adult super vision. • Different types of batteries or new and used batteries are not to be mixed. • Batteries are to be inserted with the correct polarity. • Exhausted batteries are to be removed from the toy. • The supply terminals are not to be short-cir cuited. • Dispose of

Spin Master The Wiggles 09002

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Do not dispose of in a fire as batteries may explode or leak. • Please retain this information for future reference. V (~3&|A WARNING: #00000 CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Please refer to diagram: Not for children under 3 years. 1. Speaker (rear side) 2. Stop/Eject Key 3. Rewind Key 4. Fast Forward Key 5. Play Key 6. Record Key 7. Rotary Volume Control Knob 8. Carry Handle 9. Cassette Door 10. Sing-Along Microphone 11. Microphone On/Off Switch 12. Battery Compartment (rear side)

Spin Master Paint Sensation

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If any items are missiont, please call Spin Master’s customer care hotline: 1-800-622-8339. Product and colours may vary. Keep these instructions for future reference as the contain important information. ASSEMBLY Paint Canister Orange Gear Axle Push Down Paint Arm Key Hole Slot Arm Cover A. Raise the Paint arm to an upright position. 1 B. Push down until the Arm Cover clicks into position. A. Remove lid. Fill Paint Canister 3/4 full. 2 Note: The orange gear in the centre of the canister must fa

Spin Master Magnetic Dart Board

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Any dart bouncing off or falling out of the dartboard shall not be rethrown. Foot Faults: A foot foul is when one player steps over the throwing line. Line Courtesy: Never walk across the throwing line during play. It distracts the player throwing. Scoring: Inner center ring, ‘Bull’ scores ‘50’ points. Outer center ring scores ‘25’ points. Inner narrow band, ‘Treble Ring’, scores triple the segment number. Outer narrow band, ‘Double Ring’, scores double the segment number. The diagram

Spin Master Captain Bones Gold

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Align joining pegs of the game board 2nd section with the slots in the main section of the game board and press it into place. 2. Add trees to the Game Board. 3. Turning the game On. The ON/OFF switch is located on the underside of the Game Board. GAME COMPONENTS NAVIGATION SPINNER Q Switch Places, means to move into the lead position. This would be the first available position ahead of every one else on the game board. If you already occupy that space, then you stay where you are. Spin

Spin Master Bakugan: Battle Brawlers

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Min: 3 of each. Max: No max! [Only one Special Ability card each!] 2 Ail players lay one card Face down, farthest away from themselves. Lay your cards farthest from you. Youngest shoots first. Co counter clockwise. Shoot from 2 card length away. 3 Each card you lay down must touch other cards on one full side. 4 Your first card played may NOT be a Special Ability Card. Shoot a Bakugan! > STAND Two Bakugans on the card? ...Do Battle! Both Bakugans yours? You automatically win! > MISS

Spin Master AQUADOODLE Hug n' Doodle

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© 2005 Spin Master Ltd. All rights reserved. Conforms to product safety standards ASTM F963-03, ASTM D-4236, EN71 Regulatory Requirements. Please retain this information for future reference. Please remove all packaging material before giving to children. Products and colours may vary. AQUADOODLE™ fabric made in Japan, DOLL made and sewn in China. PATENT NO. 6,416,853. Asst. #70669 REV 0 US English

Spin Master AQUADOODLE 70669

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To avoid leakage, do not overfill. 3. Screw pen tip back on counter clockwise. Play Instructions Using the water pen, draw and doodle on your Hug N’ Doodle™ friend’s face and body. For best results, make sure the lines you draw are clear and solid. You can make funny faces, and silly doodles on its belly and paws! With Hug N’ Doodle™, you can doodle over and over again! No need to place in washing machine. After you play Store pen in the elastic loop on the back of your Hug N’ Doodle™ fri

Spin Master 34002

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Players: Two players Darts: Three for each player Rules of Standard Play or 501: The winner is the first player to reach zero from a starting score of 501. During a player’s turn, the player throws three darts and subtracts the total from the previous score until the score reaches zero. This game is simple, but it becomes tricky as the players near the zero score. To win, a player not only has to reach zero exactly, but also must obtain it through a “double.” For example, if a player has 18 p