Tascam VL-X5

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• Magnetic Shield Enclosure for Desktop Operation. • Deep and Rich Natural LF Sound. • Perfectly Matched Dual Power Amp (60W LF and 30W HF) for each Drivers. • Low Frequency Ports delivering Amazing Bass response. Supplied accessories In addition to this manual, the VL-X5 has been packed with the following: • Power cord • Warranty document Should any of these items be missing, or if you encounter any damage, please contact your TASCAM supplier. This unit was packed in its carton with special mat

Tascam VL-A8/LF-S8

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Aufstellen von VL-A 1. Das Gerat sollte sich in einem Abstand von mindestens 60 cm (empfohlen: 100 cm) nach hinten und mindestens 40 cm (empfohlen: 60 cm) seitlich von einer Wand befinden. 2. Die zwei Lautsprecher sollten grundsatzlich ein gleichschenkliges Dreieck mit dem Horer bilden. 3. Die Oberseite der Hochtoner sollte dabei auf gleicher Hohe mit den Ohren des Horers in der normalen Horposition sein. 14 TASCAM VL-A's 2-AUFSTELLEN UND AUSRICHTEN 00 4.Wir empfehlen eine vertikale Aufstellung

Tascam VL-A4/VL-A5

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Bitte tragen Sie hier die Modellnummer und die Seriennummern (siehe Gerateruckseite) ein, um sie mit Ihren Unterlagen aufzubewahren. Modellnummer Seriennummer ACHTUNG! Zum Schutz vor Brand oder Elektroschock: Setzen Sie dieses Gerat niemals Regen oder erhohter Luftfeuchtigkeit aus. 10 TASCAM VL-A's WICHTIGE SICHERHEITSHINWEISE 00 1 Lesen Sie diese Anleitung. 2 Bewahren Sie diese Anleitung gut auf und geben Sie das Gerat nur mit dieser Anleitung weiter. 3 Beachten Sie alle Warnhinweise. 4 Befolge

Tascam SX-1

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Their vision was to enable musicians, composers, and music production professionals to stay focused on the joys of creating and recording music. Their vision was to incorporate all of the important 21st century technologies, but eliminate the digital technology conflicts and computer hardware and software incompatibilities that often accompany computer-based systems. Their vision is now an exciting reality. The SX-1 offers not only an incredibly powerful feature set, but also a carefully conside


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The button locks and the tape fast-forwards until it reaches the end of the tape or you press STOP. Notes: • When the tape reaches the end, you must press STOP to release the tape mechanism. • When using fast forward, always press STOP before pressing PLAY to save wear of the tape player’s mechanism. 10 14-1222.fm Page 11 Thursday, July 1, 1999 4:47 PM TAPE TIPS AND TECHNIQUES Storing Cassette Tapes Do not expose cassette tapes to: • High temperatures • High humidity • Dust or dirt • Motors, tra

Tascam STEREO MATE 14-1222

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14-1222 OWNER’S MANUAL Please read before using this equipment. STEREO MATE® SCP-81 Stereo Cassette Player 14-1222.fm Page 2 Thursday, July 1, 1999 4:47 PM FEATURES Your Optimus Stereo Mate® SCP-81 Stereo Cassette Player with Extended Bass is lightweight, portable, and easy to operate. It has these features: Bass Boost — provides richer, fuller bass. Fast-Forward — lets you quickly find a particular portion of a cassette tape. Headphone Jack — lets you listen in privacy through stereo headphones

Tascam SCR-65

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CARE Keep the cassette recorder dry; if it gets wet, wipe it dry immediately. Use and store the cassette recorder only in normal temperature environments. Handle the cassette recorder carefully; do not drop it. Keep the cassette recorder away from dust and dirt, and wipe it with a damp cloth occasionally to keep it looking new. Modifying or tampering with the cassette recorder’s internal components can cause a malfunction and might invalidate its warranty and void your FCC authorization to opera

Tascam SCR-64

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Take up any slack in the tape by turning the cassette’s hub with a pencil or your finger. If you do not remove excess slack, the tape might become tangled in the record/playback mechanism. Avoid touching the tape. 2. Press STOP/EJECT to open the cassette compartment door. 3 3. Load the cassette with its open edge facing up, its full reel to the right, and the side you want to play facing out. 4. Gently close the compartment door. PLAYING A CASSETTE TAPE 1. Set FUNCTION to TAPE. 2. Load a cassett

Tascam SCP-107

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Repeatedly press RADIO ON/OFF BAND until the desired band appears (AM, FM,or TV). 2. Press TUNING UP or DOWN to reach the desired station. 3. Hold down one of the preset number buttons (1–5) for about 2 seconds. The selected preset number and PRESET appear and the cassette player stores the station. Note: To store stations in preset numbers 6–10, press +5, then hold down the appropriate number button for about 2 seconds. For example, to UsingtheRadio 21 14-1250.DS.fm Page 22 Tuesday, May 16, 200

Tascam RS-232

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Tally information will include deck status, timer information and record prohibit status. • Individual Control Over Each Deck • Extensive Transport Control Command Set (Includes CPS, RTZ, Sync Reverse and Dubbing) • Transport Status Tallies • Tape Counter Readout Information (MM:SS) • Tape Counter Reset Command • Tape Status (Record Prohibit/Enable) • Empty Deck Indication Connector: DB9 Data Transmission Speed: 9600 bps Pin 2: Rx Data Command Spacing: >20msec Pin 3: Tx Data Character Length: 8