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Measure and cut two lengths of Black 16 engine. AWG marine quality wire of sufficient 8. Remove Lanyard. Engine should stop length to connect one Interrupt Switch immediately. terminal to the Emergency Stop Wire and the other terminal to a System Ground. See Diagram B. IF ENGINE FAILS TO STOP, RECHECK 5. Strip one end of each wire and crimp on ALL WIRING. SHOULD THE ENGINE an insulated 1/4 inch female disconnect FAIL TO START OR STOP, OR RESUMES terminal. A crimping tool designed for RUNNING WIT

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Page 1 of 4 Pages 055001-695 Rev. C 10/03 © 2003 Teleflex, Inc. e\ General Information Installation This Interrupt Switch is to be used solely with Morse MV3 Side Mounted Controls to stop the engine of an inboard, I/O or outboard powered boat instantly in the event an operator is accidentally removed from the controls. The Interrupt Switch includes a lanyard clip which holds the plunger of the Switch in position to allow engine operation. A lanyard extends from the clip and is connected to the o