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12. While the POD and watch are communicating, press the ON button repeatedly to step through distance, speed, pace and interval timer displays. TIPS: • H appears in Time display when Interval Timer is running. jappears when interval timer is running and set to repeat at end. • When first countdown is complete, Timer proceeds to the next non-zero interval that is set. INDIGLO® night-light flashes and beep sounds between each interval. • If you select REPEAT AT END, Timer will countdown all inter

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You decide to use Chrono Mode to help you try this method. You press START/SPLIT to begin your run and then after 10 minutes of running you press START/SPLIT again and walk for 2 minutes. You continue using these two timing sequences until you have completed a 60 minute run/walk. T TTI IIM MME EER RR Timer Mode allows you to set a fixed time from which the Watch counts down to zero (i.e., 10, 9, 8, ...). INDIGLO® night-light Press to light the Watch. STOP/SET/RESET Press to start or complete the

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The Activity Timer will run for as long as the wrist monitor is “on” and receiving good signals from the chest sensor for a maximum time of 48 hours. NOTE: To view the current time of day, press SET/TIME to peek at the time and then return to the Heart Rate display. 5. END YOUR WORKOUT: Once your exercise is done, press and hold ON/OFF to turn off the wrist monitor, and the text “HOLD TURN OFF” will appear on the display one word at a time. The wrist monitor display will now read the Time of Day

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Without a current heart rate, the display will read ERROR at the end of the 1-minute recovery period. If the starting heart rate is lower than the ending heart rate, the display will read NO REC. 1. Press RECV/DATE. The watch will capture your current heart rate in beats per minute (BPM) and begin the 1-minute countdown. 2. After the countdown, the watch will beep indicating the end of the recovery period. The watch will capture your heart rate a second time, subtract the second value from the f

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NOTE: Changing your Unit of Measure will change the displayed mode and clear all of your pedometerOs data and settings. . To set (or confirm) your Weight, press and hold INDIGLO for three (3) seconds and that value will flash in LB (or Kg). NOTE: The display will stop flashing if no button is pressed within 3 seconds. . Press RESET to increment the displayed Weight value and press and hold SET when done to return to the Calories mode display. . Wear your pedometer according to the directions abo

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W-201 579-095002 EU Heart Rate Sensor For information on using your watch, consult the watch instruction booklet. Heart Rate Monitor How the Heart Rate Monitor Works The Heart Rate Monitor is a combination of a Heart Rate Sensor and a sport watch. The Heart Rate Sensor attaches to your chest and measures the electrical signals generated by the heart as it is beating. Using this information, it then calculates your heart rate and transmits it to your watch. You simply glance at the watch during e

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IMPORTANT: PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER DEFECTS OR DAMAGES TO YOUR PRODUCT: 1) after the warranty period expires; 2) if the product was not originally purchased from an authorized retailer; 3) from repair services not performed by the manufacturer; 4) from accidents, tampering or abuse; and 5) Case, attachments or battery. You may be charged for replacing any of these parts. THIS WARRANTY AND THE REMEDIES CONTAINED HEREIN ARE EXCLUSIVE AND IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRES

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THE TIMEX® DIGITAL HEART RATE MONITOR 30-LAP/FITNESS MODELS AN ADVANCED DIGITAL SPORT WATCH Plus AN ALL-DIGITAL HEART RATE MONITOR SYSTEM The Timex® Digital Heart Rate Monitor incorporates the very latest digital technology from Timex with fitness methodologies used by fitness experts and personal trainers. As the world leader in sports timing devices, Timex has created a digital fitness system that combines the digital accuracy demanded by world-class athletes with features anyone at any age ca

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Entfernungsmessers (B) positionieren und locker an die Kettenstrebe mit den letzten beiden Kabelbindern (A) anbringen. Der Batterieverschluss muss zum einfachen Zugriff weg vom Rad zeigen. 6. Die Schraube vom Speichenmagnet (E) entfernen und das Teil auf eine Hinterradspeiche setzen, sodass der freiliegende Magnet mit einem Abstand von 10 mm an der Mitte des Geschwindigkeits- u. Entfernungsmesser vorbeigeführt wird. 7. Die Schraube anbringen, das Speichenmagnet ausrichten und die Schraube an

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Finally, INT 4 is a cool down between repetitions and at the end of the workout. In addition, you set the repetitions to 2, which allows you to repeat this workout sequence twice for a strong one-hour interval workout routine. Interval Time Heart Rate Zone INT 1 00:05:00 NONE INT 2 00:18:00 ZONE 3 INT 3 00:05:00 ZONE 5 INT 4 00:05:00 ZONE 1 30 31 2. Press STOP/RESET/SET until TIMER SET then SET briefly appear on the display followed by the timer with the hours value flashing. 3. Press START/SPLI