Watlow Electric Watrod Electric Tubular Heaters

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The opposite end is sealed to resist contamination. Standard 305 mm (12 in.) flexible lead wires are crimp connected to the terminal pin and have silicone impregnated fiberglass oversleeves. With its round cross-section geometry, the double-ended WATROD is highly adaptable for bending – especially when bending is performed in the field. Both single- and double-ended WATRODs share many construction features that deliver long life—the resistance wire is centered in the heater sheath and electrical

Watlow Electric ULTRAMIC 600

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ULTRAMIC 600 heaters are constructed of aluminum nitride (AIN) and incorporate a thermally matched proprietary heating element that provides maximum performance in challenging applications. AIN is especially suitable for applications requiring a clean, non-contaminating heat source. Additionally, the excellent geometric stability ensures consistent part-to-part thermal contact during heating cycles. Watlow AIN heaters can operate up to 600°C with an ultrafast ramp rate of up to 150°C per second

Watlow Electric ThinBand Stock Heater

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Now Watlow makes it even easier to install THINBAND heaters with the Quick Clamp option. The flexible one-piece design makes installation on plastics molding equipment faster and easier. Because it can be opened to the full diameter of the barrel without causing internal damage to the heater, the THINBAND heater can be installed on a barrel without removing other band heaters already in place or requiring a more expensive two-piece design. And now with Quick Clamp, the THINBAND can be secured t

Watlow Electric Thin

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Louis, Missouri 63146 USA Phone: (314) 878-4600 FAX: (314) 878-6814 Internet: e-mail: info@watlow.com © 2001 Watlow Electric Manufacturing Company FAX-1900-1100

Watlow Electric Series 96

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This new controller can be tailored to perform hardware and software needs with hardware modules that are pluggable and exchangeable and software menus that may be user programmed to fit exact application requirements. With one universal input, a second auxiliary input and four outputs the SERIES 96 can be programmed to perform: temperature measurement, input event switching, remote set point input, heating, boost heating, cooling, alarms, digital communications, ramp and soak and retransmit. Th

Watlow Electric Responsive Heater

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It makes use of the most advanced heater construction techniques including embedding a nickel chromium element wire in Watlow's exclusive mineral insulation.Only 0.042 inches (1.067 mm) thick, this layer of insulation brings the element wire closer to the heater sheath.The result is heat flows easily from the element wire to the sheath, thus allowing the wire to run cooler than conventional heaters. Performance Capabilities • Sheath temperatures to 1400°F (760°C) • Watt densities to 100 W/in2

Watlow Electric Relialine 170

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The RELIALINE™ 170 provides precisely controlled heat distribution and is automatically self regulating to deliver excellent temperature uniformity. It offers a custom thermal solution within a stock product delivery timeframe. Watlow’s newest heating system technology is constructed and designed for adaptability, which is perfect for quick prototyping. This patent-pending technology allows Watlow to configure a product to specific dimensions and three-dimensional installation drawings are provi

Watlow Electric RAYMAX 2030

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The maximum recommended surface temperature of the heater is based on the rating of the ceramic fiber heater module. This can vary from 1095°C (2000°F) at lower watt densities, to higher watt densities at reduced surface temperatures. Note that maximum wattages cannot be achieved at the maximum Width: inches (mm) 2 (51) 30 (760) Any Length: inches (mm) 6 (152) 52 (1320) Any Note: Units will be 1.4 inch (6 mm) wider than the nominal size of the HHeeaatteerr DDiimmeennssiioonnss MMiinn.. MMaaxx..

Watlow Electric RAYMAX 1626

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With heat-up and cool down capabilities of 40 to 50 seconds, the quartz heater is ideal for use in operations where frequent line stoppages are anticipated or immediate heat-up and cool-down is necessary. Custom sizes are available up to 27 inches wide in three inch increments and 70 inches long. Applications • Heating plastic films • Ink drying • Coating curing • Fusing powder coating • Activating adhesives Features and Benefits Quartz tubes and reflectors are easy to replace • Less do

Watlow Electric RAYMAX 1525

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Instead of dismantling the heater, the parts are simply removed from the front. Replacing dirty reflectors often can improve heating efficiency by up to 30 percent. The RAYMAX 1525 is available with either a fast responding quartz element or an Incoloy® -sheathed WATROD round tubular element. Both are supported by stainless steel hardware in an extruded aluminum housing. All stock units come with 15.8 inch long, 3.8 inch-16 thread mounting bolts that slide along the heater's length to accommodat