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2500 W. Higgins Rd. Suite 610Hoffman Estates, IL 60195 Please be sure to specify a model number. Tel: 1.847.781.9991Fax: 1.847.781.9992Toll Free: 1-877-MY-WINIX (699-4649) Email: info@winixinc.comWebsite: Please visit our website or contact us to purchase a Winix Replacement Filter Cassette. NOTE: IF YOU EXPERIENCE A PROBLEM, PLEASE CONTACT CUSTOMER SERVICE. REFER TO YOUR WARRANTY. DEFECTIVE UNITS SHOULD BE RETURNED TO THE PLACE WHERE ORIGINALLY PURCHASED. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REPAIR THE APPLIANCE

Winix Air Cleaner

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• Do not wash and reuse the True HEPA Filter. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS WAC-5000 WAC-5000S WAC-5000B Area Served 270 sq. ft. 180 sq. ft. 270 sq. ft. CADR 184/175/197 (Dust/Smoke/Pollen) 126/117/138 (Dust/Smoke/Pollen) 184/175/197 (Dust/Smoke/Pollen) Power Supply AC 120V/60(Hz) AC 120V/60(Hz) AC 120V/60(Hz) Power Rate Low 6W, Turbo 70W Low 6W, Turbo 50W Low 6W, Turbo 70W Fan Speed 5 Speeds 5 Speeds 4 Speeds Control Type Auto/Manual Auto/Manual Auto/Manual Dust Sensor Yes Yes No Odor Sensor Yes Yes