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• Install gas line into hole provided on insert side. • If applicable install remote control wires into insert side (see Section 6, F.). • Secure collar slide plate to appliance by placing locking handle into position with locking tabs (see Figure 7.1) and secure with #8 screw. • Level the appliance from side to side and front to back. If necessary, use the leveling legs included with the manual bag to set each corner of the base. • Position any excess flexible vent pipe back up into chimney without sagging. Twist and push flex vent together to shorten. • Install fiberglass insulation pieces to back face of surround. • Attach surround. Follow instructions accompanying surround. • Push insert so that surround becomes tight against face of fireplace. WARNING Fire Risk. Only an approved Hearth & Home Technologies surround may be used to cover integral grills on solid fuel burning fireplaces. • No other components such as shrouds, sheet- metal plates, etc., may be used to seal off vents. WARNING Failure to position the parts in accordance with these diagrams or failure to use only parts specifically approved with this appliance may result in property damage or personal injury. WARNING Explosion Risk. Combustion Fume Risk. • Connect vent sections per installation instructions. • The 3 foot section of stainless steel flexible pipe MUST be attached directly to the exhaust collar on the collar slide plate. • Connect exhaust vent pipe ONLY to exhaust starting collar and termination cap center collar. • Connect inlet air vent ONLY to inlet air collar on appliance and either the termination cap inlet air collar OR terminate within chimney. • Do NOT allow vent to sag below connection point to appliance. Quadra-Fire • QVI-25FB-S • 2031-910 Rev. E • 9/08 D. Installing Adaptor and Termination Cap For installation of termination cap see minimum vent heights for various pitched roofs (see Figure 7.2) . To install adaptor see Figure 7.3. CAUTION Sharp Edges • Wear protective gloves and safety glasses during installation. HORIZONTAL OVERHANG VERTICAL WALL GAS DIRECT VENT TERMINATION CAP 12 X ROOF PITCH IS X/ 12 LOWEST DISCHARGE OPENING 2 FT. MIN. 20 INCHES MIN. H (MIN.) - MINIMUM HEIGHT FROM ROOF TO LOWEST DISCHARGE OPENING Damper Flashing Kit (Optional) For use with LINK-DV4-30B Liner Kit. Note: Damper may have to be removed to use this kit. • Run flex liners through 3” holes in damper flashing. • Attach damper fl ashing to firebox roof with self tapping screws included in kit. CLASS A PIPE Roof Pitch H (Min.) Ft. Roof Pitch H (Min.) Ft. Flat to 6/12....................1.0* Over 11/12 to 12/12 .......4.0 Over 6/12 to 7/12 ........1.25* Over 12/12 to 14/12 ....... 5.0 Over 7/12 to 8/12 ..........1.5* Over 14/12 to 16/12 ....... 6.0 Over 8/12 to 9/12 ..........2.0* Over 16/12 to 18/12 ....... 7.0 Over 9/12 to 10/12 ........2.5* Over 18/12 to 20/12 ....... 7.5 Over 10/12 to 11/12 .....3.25 Over 20/12 to 21/12 .......8.0 * 3 foot minimum in snow regions Figure 7.2 Minimum Height from Roof to Lowest Discharge Opening Figure 7.3 To help eliminate cold air drafts, it may be necessary to place non-Note: The LINK-DV4-30B combustible insulation around the flues as they go though the damper. system REQUIRES this insulation. Figure 7.4 Masonry Factory Built Wood Burning EXHAUST AIR VENT PIPE TERMINATION CAP LINK-DV30B Installation LINK-DV4-30B Installation INLET AIR VENT PIPE WARNING: DO NOT BLOCK THIS PIPE END! EXHAUST AIR VENT PIPE INLET AIR VENT PIPE Note: Untwist the pipe while extending it, to achieve full 30’ length. Remove 18 inch x 18 inch flashing on cap by removing 3 screws. Connect both the LINK-ZC-ADPB to Class A Pipe and the termination cap to the LINK-ZC-ADPB with the self tapping screws provided. OPTIONAL LINK-ZC-ADPB FOR USE WITH CLASS A WOODBURNING PIPE ..OR.. Quadra-Fire • QVI-25FB-S • 2031-910 Rev. E • 9/08 8 88 Gas Information A. Fuel Conversions Before making gas connections ensure that appliance being installed is compatible with the available gas type. Any natural or propane gas conversions necessary to meet the appliance and locality needs must be made by a qualified technician using Hearth & Home Technologies specified and approved parts. B. Gas Pressures Proper input pressures are required for optimum appliance performance. Gas line sizing requirements need to • be made following NFPA54. WARNING Fire Risk. Explosion Hazard. High pressure will damage valve. • Disconnect gas supply piping BEFORE pressure testing gas line at test pressures above 1/2 psig. • Close the manual shutoff valve BEFORE pressure testing gas line at test pressures equal to or less than 1/2 psig. WARNING Verify inlet pressures. • High pressure may cause overfire condition. • Low pressure may cause explosion. • Verify minimum pressures when other household gas appliances are operating. Install regulator upstream of valve if line pressure is greater than 1/2 psig. Pressure requirements for appliance are shown in the table below. Minimum pressu...


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