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Anleitung Asus, modell A3Ac

Hersteller: Asus
Dateigröße: 722.57 kb
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Anleitung Zusammenfassung

1 ASUS Net4 Switch
1.1 Introduction
It’s hard and troublesome for user to set network environment like IP, DNS, proxy.
User must set network again and again, if he moved in many places. User may hope
the network setting can be auto configured when the environment changed. User can
not know why he can not access internet. It seems all his settings are right.
Net4 Switch can save every network settings. You only have to set new network
for one time with simple interface.
Net4 Switch can auto detect new network and auto configured after environment
Net4 Switch provides:
1. Simple UI for profile editing.
2. Different Network auto detecting & configuration
3. Multiple Network supporting

Start -> All Programs->ASUS Utility

1.2 How to use ASUS Net4 Switch
1. Install ASUS Net4 Switch


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