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Condition Non-Stick Interior: The non-stick interior surface of the Fondue Pot must be conditioned to ensure stick-free cooking. Lightly wipe a teaspoon of cooking oil over the entire surface with paper toweling or a soft cloth. Allow a light film of oil to remain on the surface. Do not use shortening, butter or margarine to condition the non-stick surface. The Fondue Pot is now ready to use. Note: Do not strike utensils against cover rim. Glass cover may shatter as a result. 1. Place the Fondue Pot on a dry, level, heat-resistant surface, away from any edge. Do not block airflow under the Fondue Pot. If the Fondue Pot is used on a surface that is not heat-resistant, such as a varnished, veneer or plastic surface, place the Fondue Pot on a heat resistant tray or board to protect the surface below. Make sure the Fondue Pot rests level. Be sure hands are dry when using the Fondue Pot. Your Fondue Pot comes with rubber feet. To ensure proper operation and safety, make sure all feet are present and fully clean before each use. Do not use if any feet are missing. 2. Attach the heat control to the Fondue Pot, making sure it is set to the “OFF” setting. Plug the cord into a 120 volt, AC electrical outlet only. 3. Follow recipe as directed. If the recipe calls for preheating, the signal light on the heat control will go out when the cooking temperature is reached. The signal light will turn on and off to indicate that the proper temperature is being maintained. 4. To prevent scratching of the non-stick coating, plastic, rubber or wooden tools are recommended for stirring foods in the preparation of dessert or cheese fondue. Do not use any sharp edged metal cooking tools on the non-stick surface as scratching can occur. 5. If the fork ring is included, place on the top edge of the pot, making sure it is secured in place. Use this to hold the forks in the slots while cooking. This is especially handy when using oil to cook. 6. Use the fondue forks packaged with the Fondue Pot to spear foods for dipping or cooking. To prevent scratching of the non-stick surface, use care when placing or swirling forks in pot. The handles of the forks feature different colored ends to help the user identify their own fork. 7. After serving, turn the heat control to “OFF” and unplug the cord from the electrical outlet. Allow the Fondue Pot and heat control to cool before cleaning. If the Fondue Pot must be moved before it has cooled, first remove the heat control using caution, as portions of the heat control may be hot. Use hot pads to move the Fondue Pot as the handles may be warm. CLEANING YOUR FONDUE POT Clean After Each Use: To keep the Fondue Pot looking attractive and cooking efficiently, clean it thoroughtly after each use. Remove Heat Control: With the heat control set at “OFF,” unplug the cord from the electrical outlet and allow to cool. If the heat control must be removed prior to cooling, remove the heat control using caution, as portions of the heat control may be hot. Let The Fondue Pot Cool By Itself - After using the Fondue Pot, always allow it to cool completely by itself. Do not hasten cooling by adding cold water or immersing in water when hot. Although made of thick aluminum, a sudden change in temperature may cause the metal to warp. Always allow hot oil or liquid to cool completely before removing from the Fondue Pot. In-the-Sink Cleaning 1. Clean the non-stick interior and outside of the Fondue Pot in warm, soapy water using a non-metal cleaning pad. A dishcloth or sponge may give the non-stick surface a clean look, but will not remove the tiny food particles that can settle into the finish. Do not use metal scouring pads or harsh scouring cleansers on the nonstick surface or outside of the pot. If staining occurs on the outside of the pot, scour with a non-abrasive cleanser. 2. Wash fondue forks, fork ring and glass cover, if included, in warm, soapy water with a dishcloth or sponge, rinse and dry thoroughly. The ends of the forks are sharp, exercise care when washing them. Do not use any abrasive metal scouring pads or cleansers on the glass cover or fork ring as damage can occur. After washing, rinse and dry thoroughly. Note: Do not use abrasive scouring pads or cleansers on glass cover as scratching can occur. Check the Fondue Pot for loose handles after cleaning. Retighten loose screws immediately with the appropriate screwdriver, but do not over tighten. Over tightening can result in stripping of screws or cracking of handles and handle failure. Special Storage Tip: Since the ends of the fondue forks are sharp, store them in an area that is out of children’s reach. Dishwasher Cleaning: The Fondue Pot, with heat control removed, forks and glass cover if included, may be cleaned in an automatic dishwasher. The plastic fork ring, if included, should not be placed in a dishwasher. When placing these parts onto a dishwasher rack, be sure they do not touch one another or other objects being cleaned to prevent mar...

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