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Hold the terry cloth towel to the side to catch the loose residue as it is blown by the concentrator. Note: Always vacuum any loose residue off the surface before you apply vapor to it. TIPS ON HOW TO USE YOUR SYSTEM 11 Fiberglass or Stainless Steel Surfaces Use the bristle brush. Slowly move the brush over the surface to be cleaned. The vapor will emulsify the dirt and grease on the surface. Follow behind with a terry cloth towel over the brush to remove excess moisture and residue. Tip: An old idea for polishing stainless steel is to wipe it down with seltzer soda water after it is cleaned. Bathroom Areas To clean the bathtub or shower area, use the bristle brush for grout, shower door tracks, hard to get areas and heavily soiled areas. The window squeegee attachment wil be the most efficient way to clean the rest of the area. Allow plenty of time for the heat to penetrate the surface. This is especially helpful in the shower area if there is tile or grout. Wipe with towel. Removal of soap scum on tile, grout, and shower doors is also easier with the steam cleaner. To clean sanitary fixtures, use the concentrator with or without bristle brush. Use a terry cloth towel or paper towel to wipe up excess moisture and residue. To clean the sink and faucets, use bristle brush then finish by wiping with a towel. Soap Scum Soap scum dissolves almost immediately under a combination of heat and moisture. Rinse the surface with a small amount of water afterwards or go back over it once more with a clean terry cloth towel. Note: Soap scum sometimes will develop a hard surface from waterborne minerals. If this is the case, use the bristle brush to break up this surface - or spray or wipe first with lemon, vinegar or seltzer soda water to soften the minerals. Moving too slowly can dry out the soap scum and cause it to granulate on the surface. The surface wil have a gritty feel. If this happens, apply vapor to the surface with the bristle brush again and re-clean. Garden Furniture Use the brushes depending on the surface area. Work quickly when cleaning resin outdoor furniture. Finish by wiping with a towel. WARNING: This appliance is equipped with a grounded, type 3- wire cord (3-prong plug). This plug will only fit into an electrical outlet made for a 3- prong plug. This is a safety feature. If the plug should fail to fit the outlet, contact an electrician to replace the outlet. Do not attempt to defeat thesafety purpose of the grounding pin, part of the 3-prong plug. CAUTION: Always drain condensed water from hose or concentrator nozzle before use or if unit has been left idle fora period of time. To drain hose, direct nozzle into an appropriatecontainer or sink and depress locking steam trigger. Once hose has been drained, normal use may be resumed. Never direct nozzle towards people, animals or plants. WARNING: Your Steam Cleaner is designed to clean hard surfaces and upholstery that will withstand high heat. Do not use on softplastics and cold glass. On surfaces that have been treated with wax or some no wax floors, the sheen may be removed by the heat and steam action. Do not use on unsealed wood. This could cause the wood grain to rise. It is therefore recommended to test an isolated area of the surface tobe cleaned before proceeding. WARNING: Danger of Scalding. Please use caution when using the steam cleaner. The steam emitted is very hot. GETTING TO KNOW YOUR STEAM CLEANER 3 Technical Specifications Voltage: 120V., 60Hz. Power: 1000 Watts Water Capacity: 9.5 US fl. oz. (280 ml) * Illustrations may differ from actual product. 1. Main Unit 2. Concentrator Nozzle 3. Safety Filler Cap 4. Steam Trigger 5. Steam Trigger Release Button 6. Handle 7. Power Cord 8. Indicator Lights (Red-Power On/Green-Steam Ready) 9. Shoulder Strap 10. Steam Pocket™ Frame 11. Steam Pocket™ Frame Angle Adapter 12. Steam/Garment Diffuser 13. Flexible Hose with Handle 14. Steam Pocket™ Towel 15. Nylon Bristle Brush (x3) 16. Filling Flask 17. Extension Tubes (x2) 18. Angled Concentrator 19. Steam/Garment Diffuser Bonnet 20. Squeegee Attachment 21. Funnel (* Not Illustrated) 10 TIPS ON HOW TO USE YOUR SYSTEM Wood, Vinyl and Marble Flors Use the Steam Pocket ™ to clean wood, vinyl and marble floors. Move the Steam Pocket™ across the floor as if you are mopping. When one side of the towel is soiled, turn the Steam Pocket™ frame and use the other side. One of the great advantages of using our Steam Pocket™ is that your floor will dry faster than if you used a mop or other floor cleaning device. It is normal that some moisture may be left behind depending on how quickly you move the Steam Pocket™ across the floor and the relative heat and humidity of the room. Be sure to move quickly and steadily over wood, linoleum and vinyl flooring to avoid damaging the surface and removing wax. To Clean Waxed Floors: Use the Steam Pocket™ with quick strokes. This will cause the dirt to be removed but not the wax. Vinyl Floors: Do not allow heat to build up ...


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