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Anleitung VBrick Systems, modell MPEG-4

Hersteller: VBrick Systems
Dateigröße: 823.98 kb
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The default is C:\Program Files\VBrick\. 4. In this scenario, the installer has detected an FTP server and will create a user account. STBUser is the default name and password for the FTP account. (If you change the default user or password, you will have to enter them manually each time you run a download.) Press Next, confirm, and press Next again (or Skip this step entirely if you do not want to create an FTP account at this time). Note that if an FTP server is not currently installed on the server machine, you may be prompted for the installation disk. EtherneTV Media Distribution System System Upgrade 5. Select a destination folder for the Release Package and click Next. The default is c:\inetpub\ftproot\STBUser\Releasexxxx. (All Release Packages have incremental numbers in separate folders.) 6. Click Finish when done. 7. Navigate to Start > All Programs > VBrick > ETV-STBDownload to launch the download application. On Windows XP, if the download application is blocked and will not launch, you may need to turn off the Windows Firewall before launching the application. Go to Start > Control Panel > Windows Firewall. Before You Begin Before you begin an upgrade, be aware of the following considerations: • If the Release Package files (typically in c:\inetpub\ftproot\STBUser\Releasexxx) are installed on a computer running Windows XP, you must turn off the Windows Firewall while running the upgrade. Otherwise the upgrade will fail. • The download application needs an FTP server running on the computer where the release files are located. It can be a third-party FTP server, the FTP server installed with ETV Portal Server, or the FTP server installed with IIS. If you are using the FTP server installed with IIS and the IP address changes for any reason, make sure you reconfigure the new IP address in IIS. Running ETV-STBDownload STB upgrades for set top boxes running v 3.7.1 and higher are performed using the standalone VBrick download application ETV-STBDownload. With ETV-STBDownload, you can (1) upgrade a single unit, (2) you can upgrade multiple units in your network using management SAPs, or (3) you can upgrade multiple units in your network using a manually- created configuration file. Set top boxes running software version 3.7.1 or higher emit management SAPs. These SAPs identify the presence (and revision level) of all set top boxes on the network (see Table 1, SAP Information). If you are upgrading multiple STBs, it will generally take several minutes to upgrade each STB so plan accordingly. Important: When selecting set top boxes by IP address, be sure to click in the left column—not on the IP address. Use Ctrl + Click and Shft + Click to select multiple units. • To upgrade one or more STBs using ETV-STBDownload: 1. Be sure all STBs are powered on. 2. Select an Upgrade preference. There are three ways to upgrade your set top boxes. a. If you select Upgrade using management SAPs, the list is auto-populated. Simply select the units to upgrade and click Start Upgrade. b. If you select Upgrade using Configuration file, browse to a configuration file, select the units to upgrade and click Start Upgrade. c. If you select Upgrade individual unit, click Start Upgrade and enter the IP address and password of the unit to upgrade. Click OK to start. STB Admin Guide IP Address IP address of upgrade server where the Release Package files are located. Username Name of FTP account on the upgrade server. Password Password used to login to the FTP server. Path The relative path to the folder in which Release Package files are located. Enter a relative path for the configured username. Do not enter an absolute path. (Note that the Release Packages are numbered incrementally in separate folders.) Upgrade using management SAPs Upgrade using the SAP (Session Announcement Protocol) emitted by the STB. This automatically populates the list box with all available set top boxes. Select individual units and click Start Upgrade. Note that all STBs must have the same password. If some are different, the upgrade will fail with a message in the Status column (see Table 1, SAP Information) Upgrade using Configuration file Upgrade using a text file that identifies the IP address and the password used to login to the set top box. This radio button activates the Configuration File Path field and you can Browse to a configuration file if available. A sample pipe-delimited configuration file is shown here:|admin|admin|admin EtherneTV Media Distribution System System Upgrade Upgrade individual unit Upgrade a single unit. Select the radio button and click Start Upgrade. A popup will prompt for IP Address and Password and automatically run the upgrade. The password is variable; the username (root) is fixed and cannot be changed. Note that all STBs selected for upgrade must have the same password. Configuration File Path Path to a pipe-delimited configuration file. See Editing a Configuration File on ...

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