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Anleitung Sony, modell KD-36NX200U

Hersteller: Sony
Dateigröße: 2.29 mb
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Anleitung Zusammenfassung

If no digital and no analogue signals are found, a display appears on screen asking you to confirm your aerial is connected. Check your aerial is connected then press the OK button to repeat the tuning procedure. Once all signals have been captured and stored, the TV returns to normal operation and displays the digital programme captured on programme number 1. Note: If no digital signals are captured, then the analogue programme stored on programme number 1 is displayed. 3. To view programmes, press the PROG+ /- button or the numbered buttons on the remote control. 1. Press the DIGITAL/ button on the remote control to switch between digital and analogue mode. Notes: If the TV is in digital mode an information banner appears briefly on screen when you change channels. If the TV is in analogue mode the channel number appears in green lettering when you change channels. 1. Ensure the TV is in analogue mode. If not press the DIGITAL/ button on the remote control. 2. Press the PROG+ /- button on the remote control until the picture from the pre- recorded tape appears on screen. Notes: If you wish to move your video channel to a different programme number, refer to the ‘ Rearranging your channels’ section of this manual. If you have connected your VCR using a Scart lead, press the / button repeatedly on the remote control until the picture from the pre- recorded tape appears on the TV screen. Language/Country menu Picture Rotation prompt The TV has now all the available channels and is ready for use. ...

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Fernseher - KD-32NX200U (2.29 mb)
Fernseher - 3KD-32NX200U (2.29 mb)


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