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Light will stay on for .. seconds, or until no key has been pressed for .. seconds. .. DRIVE A. MIO DRIVE AT-A-GLANCE User’s Guide + ECG accurate heart rate without a chest strap + Calculate calories burned using personal data + Personalized percent of maximum heart rate display + 3500 Calorie Countdown mode D. WAKING UP YOUR MIO Your MIO may be in sleep mode (with a blank display) when you first receive it. Hold START until you see blinking 12H or 24H to • activate your MIO and start setting it up. Setting time & date format:• Press + or – to toggle the format. .. 12H = 12 Hour clock (AM/PM) & MM/DD date format.. 24H = 24 Hour clock & DD/MM date format.. Press SET to move to next setting. Do the same for TIME, DATE, YOUR NAME, WEIGHT UNIT, • WEIGHT, GENDER, BIRTH YEAR. Press SET to finish START UP.• E. Set Time & Date Display shows Time, cycling through NAME, DATE, and WEEKDAY automatically. To change TIME and DATE: Hold SET until beep (2 seconds). 12H or 24H blinks.• Press + or – to toggle the TIME & DATE format. • 12H = 12 Hour clock (AM/PM) & MM/DD date format.. 24H = 24 Hour clock & DD/MM date format.. Press SET to set HOUR.• Press + or – to select HOUR. To scroll quickly, hold + or –. • Press SET. Do the same to select MIN.• To reset seconds to zero press + or –. Otherwise • press SET to move to next setting. Use + or – then SET to adjust YEAR, MONTH, DAY.• To stop making changes at any time, hold SET for 2 seconds.• F. Set My MIO MIO uses your personal information in calculating calories burned during exercise. Update your weight regularly for greatest accuracy in MIO’s calculations. Press MODE 5 times to go from TIME to MY MIO.• To make changes to your personal settings in MY MIO, • hold SET until beep (2 seconds). The first letter of NAME will blink. Use + or – to adjust. To • scroll quickly, hold + or –. Press SET to move to next letter. Do the same for WEIGHT UNIT, WEIGHT, GENDER, • BIRTH YEAR. To stop making changes at any time hold SET until • beep (2 seconds). To return to TIME, press MODE. G. Set Alarm Press MODE once to go from TIME to ALARM. • To change ALARM from ON to OFF or from • OFF to ON press the SET button. To change the time of an ALARM, hold the SET button until • beep (2 seconds), use +/– to adjust the HOUR, press SET, use +/– to adjust the MINUTE, then press SET. To scroll more quickly hold the + or –. Alarm icon will show if the ALARM is on.• Hold MODE for 2 seconds to return to TIME mode.• I. Set Resting Heart Rate For the most accurate reading, set this function when you first wake up in the morning (without an alarm clock). Until then, use the default resting heart rate (70 BPM). Press MODE 4 times to go from TIME to RESTING • HEART RATE. Your most recent RHR will display. Place two finger pads on the MIO Sensors as described in • Section H. Heart icon blinks. Your resting heart rate should appear within 4 to 7 seconds. To return to TIME, press MODE 2 times.• J. Using the EXERCISE TIMER B. Modes of operation Press MODE to move to the next mode. H. Taking Your Heart Rate 1. Place middle finger on the metal UPPER MIO sensor and index finger on LOWER MIO button. Time & Date Display time, date, weekday and • your name or initials Alarm Set daily alarm• 3500 CALORIE COUNTDOWN Display remaining calories that • should be burned for the week Notify you when you meet • your goal EXERCISE TIMER Exercise Timer for workouts and • other activities, 5 timer modes including Walk/Run timer Resting Heart Rate Measure and display your • Resting Heart Rate My MIO Set your personal data• 2. Press down gently on the buttons to activate MIO sensors. Heart icon will flash. Wait for Heart Rate readout (4–7 seconds). Your MIO will beep to let you know that the reading is ready. 3. The small digits at the right display the percentage of your current heart rate to your maximum heart rate (up to 99%). MIO calculates this percentage using your personal data. A maximum heart rate is an estimate with a variability of up to 15 BPM. You return to the previous mode 5 seconds after removing your finger pads from the MIO Sensors. TROUBLESHOOTING POINTERS If you don’t get your heart rate within 10 seconds, 1. moisten finger pads and try again. It helps to wear your MIO for a little while to allow a layer of moisture to build up between the back of the watch and your arm. Do not press too hard on sensors. If MIO’s calculations start to vary significantly from 2. what you have come to expect, if the digits freeze or if the face is blank, replace MIO’s battery (see Section K). To optimize readings, occasionally clean the back of 3. your MIO case and the metal UPPER and LOWER MIO sensors with a clean soft cloth. C. QUICK TIPS Shortcuts To• return to TIME from any mode, hold MODE for 2 seconds To go directly to EXERCISE TIMER from any • mode press the START button To exit from any SET mode without going through • all settings, hold SET key for 2 seconds SET MODES Whatever mode you are in, hold the SET button to ente...


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