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The Ironman M3 Elliptical Trainer is a tremendously effective tool for achieving your personal fitness goals. Named after the Ironman Triathlon, you will be able to rely on the quality craftsmanship and durability of the Ironman M3 Elliptical Trainer for years to come. This owner’s manual contains all the information you need to operate and enjoy your Ironman M3 Elliptical Trainer. Please read the manual in its entirety before attempting to exercise on the M3 Elliptical Trainer. QUESTIONS? Call our toll free Ironman Fitness Helpline at 1.800.750.IRON 1.800.750.4766 Prior to your call, please be sure you have located and noted the model number and sales receipt for proof of purchase date confirmation. ironmanfitness.com FITNESS SAFEGUARDS Failure to follow any of these safeguards may result in injury or serious health problems. • Before starting any exercise program, consult with your physician or health professional. He or she can help establish the exercise frequency, intensity and time appropriate for your particular age and condition. • If you have any pain or tightness in your chest, an irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath, feel faint or have any discomfort while you exercise, STOP! Consult your physician before continuing. • Do not place fingers or any other objects into moving parts of the exercise equipment. • Keep children and pets away from the M3 Elliptical Trainer . A child’s curiosity may result in injury. • Do not allow children to use the M3 Elliptical Trainer. The machine is designed and intended for adults, not children. • Never turn pedal crank arms by hand. To avoid entanglement and possible injury, do not expose hands or arms to the drive mechanism. • Do not dismount the M3 Elliptical Trainer until the pedals are at a complete STOP. • Warn bystandars to keep a safe distance. Do not allow anyone to touch the bike while it is in operation. 1 ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS 2 STEP 1 Connect foot tubes (5) to main frame (1) using: Qty 4 - (35) Hex Head Screw Make sure that the foot tube (5) with transport wheels (33) is assembled to the front of the main frame (1). Transport Wheels ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS STEP 2 Connect the extension wire in the console tube to the reed switch wire (77) in the main frame. Secure the console tube (2) to the main frame using: Qty 2 - (67) Hex Head Screw Qty 2 - (67) Hex Head Screw Qty 1 - (64) Plastic Washer (Short) Qty 1 - (65) Plastic Washer (Long) 3 4 ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS STEP 3 Attach left and right handles (3,4) to console tube (2) using: Qty 4 - (22) Washer Qty 2 - (16) Precise Bearing Qty 2 - (18) Locknut Attach rear and front shaft caps (60,61) to left and right handles (3,4) using: Qty 4 - (28) Screw 5 ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS STEP 4 Connect foot frames (9) to left and right handles (3,4) using: Qty 2 - (15) Hex Head Screw Qty 2 - (17) Washer Qty 2 - (18) Locknut Attach left and right frame sid covers (13,14) using: Qty 8 - (19) Screw 6 STEP 5 Attach the left and right foot pedals (11,12) to the foot frames using: Qty 6 - (24) Hex Head Screw Qty 6 - (25) Washer ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS STEP 6 Connect monitor (10) to extension wire in the console tube (66). Feed two hand pulse wires from console down into console tube and out handlebar hole. Attach console (10) to console tube (2) using: Qty 4 - (69) Screw (shipped in rear of console) 7 ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS STEP 7 Connect hand pulse wires from handlebar (82) to hand pulse wires from console. Attach handlebar (82) to console tube (2) using: Qty 2 - (44) Hex Head Screw Qty 2 - (23) Washer 8 9 CONGRATULATIONS! You have completed the assembly of your IRONMAN M3 Elliptical Trainer. Please read on for more information on using your new elliptical trainer. ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS CONSOLE INSTRUCTIONS INITIAL OPERATING PROCESS (After the computer is powered on with batteries or adaptor connection) Step One Use UP or DOWN dial to select U1 (User number 1) to U4 (User number 4) as the user's identification. Step Two You may turn the right button clockwise or counter-clockwise to select training mode in MANUAL, PROGRAM (12 profiles), USER or TARGET HEART RATE control (4 different options for training). Press MODE button to confirm selection. Step Three You may turn the right button clockwise or counter-clockwise to adjust the training LOAD/DIFFICULTY level from 1 to 16 in MANUAL, PROGRAM and USER mode (NOTE: excludes TARGET HEART RATE CONTROL mode). Press MODE button to confirm selection. Step Four You may turn the right button clockwise or counter-clockwise to set function data. When each function data has been set, press MODE to confirm setting. See “Available preset training functions” for more information. Step Five Press START/STOP button to start training. Available preset training functions: TIME: Preset area is from 00:00-99:00, each increment is 1:00 minute. DISTANCE: Preset area is from 0.00-99.90, each increment is 0.10 km or ml. CALORIES: Preset area is from 0 to 990, each increment is 10 cal. ...


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