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Anleitung QHT, modell BIASI B3-B9

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Follow the gas supplier’s instructions. · If you can not reach your gas supplier call the fire department Installation and service must be performed by a qualified installer, service agency or the gas supplier. Manufactured by: Biasi S.p.A. Verona, Italy Distributed By: QHT QUINCY HYDRONIC TECHNOLOGIES, INC. 80 ROCHESTER AVE. SUITE #12 PORTSMOUTH, NH 03801 PHONE: 603-334-6400 FAX: 603-334-6401 Page 1 REV. H Dear Customer: Thank you for buying a QHT BIASI B10 Series Boiler. The QHT BIASI B10 Series Boiler is a cast iron, oil or gas fired hot water boiler, using the famous BIASI B10 (3-pass) design. The boiler is light, compact, simple, rugged and engineered for maximum home heating efficiency. We realize that it is not possible to answer all questions about the VEGA B10-series boiler system in this manual. Reading this installation manual does not make the reader an expert in all aspects of installation and operation, and does not replace the need for a qualified licensed heating contractor. We urge you to contact your installing contractor or distributor if you are in question about any aspect of your boiler's performance. Our main concern is that you are satisfied with your boiler and its performance. We require that your contractor complete efficiency tests using instruments. The controls and accessories listed in this manual are intended to serve as guidelines rather than specific recommendations. We realize that other makes and models of such devices are available and can be used as successfully as those we specify. The installing contractor is the best judge of a system's specific requirements, as well as the local availability of certain makes and models of controls and accessories. The preceding does not apply, however, to the equipment that comes with every boiler, such as the overheat control (L4006A or 7248U) and pressure relief valve. The installation of the specific devices supplied with every boiler is absolutely necessary to the safe operation of the boiler and protection of the heating system. All BIASI Boiler blocks are built in accordance with the ASME boiler and pressure vessel code, and bear the "H" stamp. The entire range of applications for the QHT BIASI B10 Series Boiler have been tested to CAN/CGA B149 and are ULC compliant. This BIASI B10 Boiler block has a limited lifetime warranty (refer to back of manual), a copy of which is provided with the boiler. Please be sure to return the warranty registration card as the warranty will be void without your boiler's serial numbers (located on the plate on the leg of the boiler), date of installation and the name of your installer. Thank you for purchasing our QHT BIASI B10 Series Boiler. If you have questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us immediately. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. Sincerely, Jim Quincy QHT Inc. Page 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS QHT BIASI B10 Series Section Important Information & WarningsGeneral Information 1 Boiler Block Assembly & Explosion Diagram 2 Boiler Location 3 Installation of Boiler Trim Kit Components 4 Piping the Boiler 5 Intake Venting 6 Exhaust Venting 7 Common Exhaust Venting 7.1 Blocked Flue Switch 7.2 Gas Venting 7.3 Burner Setup 8 Oil 8.1 Gas 8.2Gas Line Piping 9 Boiler Jacket Assembly 10 Wiring 11 Oil Diagrams 11.1 Gas Diagrams 11.2 Commissioning the Boiler 12 Maintenance 13 Installer Notes 14 Warranty Page 4,5,6 7 8 9 10,11 12 13,14 15 15,16 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23-24 25-28 29-30 31 31 32 Inside Backcover This installation manual is for the basic installation of a B10 series boiler for atmospheric venting of oil and gas. If you are installing a direct vent system, please refer to its addendum to be used in conjunction with this manual to insure the proper installation of the boiler system. IMPORTANT INFORMATION Please read this page carefully. • ALL BOILERS MUST BE INSTALLED IN ACCORDANCE WITH NATIONAL, STATE AND LOCAL PLUMBING, HEATING AND ELECTRICAL CODES AND ORDINANCES, AS WELL AS THE REGULATIONS OF THE SERVING ELECTRICAL, WATER AND GAS UTILITIES. • All systems should be designed by competent contractors, and only persons knowledgeable in the layout and installation of heating systems should attempt the installation of any boiler. It is the responsibility of the installing contractor to see that all controls are correctly installed and operating properly when the installation is completed. • Do not burn volatile garbage, gasoline, naphtha or other flammable liquids other than No. 2 fuel oil. All flammable liquids (especially gasoline), chemicals, rags, paper, wood scraps, debris, etc., should be kept away from the boiler at all times. Keep the boiler area clean and free of all fire hazards. • Please read the literature and warranties supplied by the manufacturers of the various accessory equipment. This equipment is warranted by the respective manufacturers, not by Quincy Hydronic Technologies, Inc. Each piece of equipment must be installed and used according to the recommendations ...


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