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Anleitung CyberData, modell SPA-9000

Hersteller: CyberData
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Linksys—SIP Diagram © __ Internet jj IP Speaker Cable/DSL Modem 54 II — PqE Hub Router Desktop IPSpeiker | ' Computer Analog Fa* Administration Phone Computer 3.0 Setting up the Speaker for Multicast To set up the speaker for Multicast: 3.1 If you are using CyberData speakers as MGROUPS, complete step 1.1 through step 1.13. 3.2 Go to Voice => SIP and make a note of the multicast address and port number for page groups (default is, port 34567). ••""'3T3 Go to the Speaker Setup on the webpage for the speaker and select MGROUPS and DHCP. 3.4 After the speaker reboots, get the IP address by activating the DTMF switch on the speaker to announce the new IP address. Enter this new address in the browser to access the speaker's web page. 3.5 Select the MGROUPS tab and enter the same multicast address and port number in step 3.1. 3.6 Save the settings and reboot the speaker. 3.7 Send a page to the speaker by dialing *96 on the Linksys phone and then selecting the dir menu. 3.8 Select the corporate directory menu. 3.9 Select page groups as the page target (see Figure 2). Figure 2. Linksys—Multicast Diagram *96 © Internet I IP Speaker Cable/DSL Modem *96 ___• IP Speaker Multicast PoE Hub Router Desktop | 5IP Computer ». 71 ÉI ü ^ Analo® Fax Admini&tralion Phone Computer Linksys SPA 9000 4.0 Setting up the Paging Server To set up the paging server: 4.1 If you are connecting the CyberData Paging Server product to CyberData speakers so that you can have more than one paging zone (Figure 3), complete step 1.1 through step 1.13. 4.2 Go to the web configuration page for the Paging Server and set it up as a SIP endpoint with the following: • Username (extension number) • Password (make sure this matches what you have in step 2.2) • SIP server address (step 1.5).Multicast address and port number combination • DTMF two digit tone for each paging zone Figure 3. Linksys—Paging Server Diagram Multicast ' SIP 55 © Internet IP Speaker Cable/DSL Modem 55 î i К ^PoEHub Router Desktop IP Speaker | ^ compute. Я Linksys SPA 9000 Analog Fax Administration Phone Computer 4.3 Go to the web configuration for the speaker and select MGROUPS. 4.4 In the MGROUPS Setup page, match the multicast address and port number combination that you put in the Paging Server for the paging zone that you want for the speaker. 4.5 Dial the Paging Server's extension from the SIP phone. Note Enter a two-digit DTMF tone for the paging zone and initiate the page....


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