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Anleitung Peg-Perego, modell SW

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12 SOTA0284L31 13 SPST5967N 14 ARPI0374L65L31 15 ARPI0375DNGR 16 SOTA0286L65 17 SOTA0287L31 18 ARPI0375SNGR 19 MMST0025 20 ARPI0373SL65N 21 SPST6080GR 22 SPST6082GR 23 ASPI0074GRN 24 SPST5968N 25 SOTA0279DL65S SOTA0279SL65S 26 ARPI0376L31N 27 ARPI0377L31N 28 SPST5945NS EN. Spare parts available in different colours to be specified when ordering. ES. Repuestos disponibles en otros colores que se especificaran en el pedido. FR. Pieces de rechange disponibles en plusieurs couleurs a specifier dans la demande. EN.ENGLISH EN.ENGLISH . IMPORTANT: read the instructions carefullybefore use. Save the instructions for future reference. . PEG PEREGO reserves the right to make anynecessary changes or improvements to theproducts shown at any time without notice. CUSTOMER SERVICE If parts of the model are accidentally lost ordamaged, use only original Peg Perego spareparts. Contact the Peg Perego CustomerService for all repair work, replacements, information about products, and sale oforiginal spare parts and accessories, at thefollowing: USA: tel.: 800.671.1701 fax: 260.471.6332 Call us toll free: 1.800.671.1701 CANADA: tel.: 905.839.3371 fax: 905.839.9542 Call us toll free: 1.800.661.5050 INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE ASSEMBLING THE WHEELS 1. Remove the four protection caps (two round ones and two square ones) fromthe chassis while it is still folded up, asshown in the .gure. 2. Mount the front wheels with the chassis folded, pressing on the attachment lever(.gure A) and inserting the hub onto therod (.gure B). Check to make sure thewheels are correctly attached by pullingthem in opposite directions. 3. Repeat the same operation on the rear wheels as for the front wheels (steps Aand B). . Check to make sure the brake gear is correctly installed. BRAKE 4. To set the brake on the chassis, lower the brake bar on the rear wheels, as shown inthe .gure. OPENING THE CHASSIS . Set the brake while the chassis is still folded up. 5. Unfasten the tab, as shown in the .gure. 6. Lift the handlebar in the direction shown by the arrow. 7. Press the handlebar downwards until it clicks into the . nal position. 8. To make sure the chassis is correctly open, check the illustration. BASKET 9. The basket goes at the base of the chassis, as shown in the .gure. 10. The basket fastens to six diff erent points. First, fasten it to the four buttons in thefront and back, as shown in . gure A and B. Then fasten the two straps to thechassis pipe, as shown in . gure C. STEERING WHEEL 11. To allow a good grip, the steering wheelcan be adjusted to four diff erent positions by pressing on the button shown in the .gure. SWIVEL WHEELS 12. The practical steering wheel has a leverfor swiveling the front wheels. Move thelever on the steering wheel to the rightto swivel the front wheels, as shown in .gure A. To set the wheels on stationary, use the lever on the left, as shown in . gure B. OUTER HANDLES 13. The chassis can be completely liftedoff the ground using the center, outerhandles and the large back handle, asshown in the .gure. It takes two peopleto lift the chassis. 14. The .gure shows the correct way to liftthe chassis. REMOVING THE WHEELS 15. To remove the wheels, press the leveron the center of the wheel, as shown inthe .gure, and pull the wheel towardsyourself. FOLDING UP THE CHASSIS . Set the brake and unfasten the seats. 16. To fold up the chassis, lift the lever onthe large handle as shown in the .gure, unfastening the handlebar and moving itslightly forward. 17. Use your left foot to press the safety leverdownward to loosen the handlebar, asshown in the .gure. 18. Turn the handlebar downward, as shownin the .gure. 19. Fold up the chassis, fastening the tab tothe hook on the handlebar. GANCIOMATIC SYSTEM The Duette SW chassis features the G-matic system and this means that you can selectthe product to mount as required, fromthe carriage to the car seat and carryingchair. Follow the indications for the productcombinations listed below. DUETTE + 2 CARRIER SEATS ATTENTION: . To ensure greater stability, we recommend installing both carrier seats at all times. . If for any reason DUETTE SW is usedwith only one occupant, we recommendattaching both carrier seats in anycase. Make sure the seats are securelyattached. 20. For instructions on how to attach and detach the product from the chassis, seethe manual supplied with the carrier seat. Figures A, B, C, and D show different ways to attach the seats. Figure D showsthe .crib. position, with the backrestcompletely lowered and the footboardraised as shown in the .gure. DUETTE + 2 PRIMO VIAGGIO CAR SEATS 21. Figure A shows how to attach the product(with the seat turned towards the mother). DUETTE + 1 PRIMO VIAGGIO CAR SEAT AND 1 CARRIER SEAT ATTENTION: . To ensure greater stability, werecommend installing the carrier seatat all times. . If for any reason DUETTE SW is usedwith only one occupant, we recommendattaching the carrier seat in anycase. Make sure the seat is securelyattached. 22. Figur...


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