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This helps prevent the separation of the two-stroke oil from the gasoline (varnishing). • If the saw is not used for an extended period of time ( months) the fuel tank should be emptied and cleaned. FUELING • Always shut off the saw before fueling. • Before fueling, clean the area around fuel cap to prevent dirt from contaminating the fuel. Contamination of the fuel tank can lead to saw malfunction. • Thoroughly mix the fuel in it’s container before fueling. • Slowly open the fuel cap to release any pressure that may have built-up in the tank. • After adding fuel, tighten the fuel cap carefully and secure with a wrench. © 2007 ICS, Blount Inc. P/N 70944 Jan 07 633GC OPERATOR’S MANUAL OPERATION STARTING AND STOPPING A DIAMOND CHAINSAW CAUTION WARNING IMPORTANT Never start a diamond saw without the bar, chain and side cover properly assembled. Otherwise, the clutch can come loose and cause personal injuries. Always move a diamond chainsaw at least 10 feet (3 m) away from the fueling area before starting. Place the diamond saw on clear ground. Ensure that secure footing is established and chain is not contacting any objects. COLD ENGINE STARTING PROCEDURE 1. Toggle the ignition switch to the "START" position and pull the choke lever out. 2. Lock the throttle in the start position by depressing the trigger (A) and trigger interlock (B) at the same time. . Depress and hold throttle lock button (C) while releasing the trigger and trigger interlock in succession. 4. Open the water valve 1/4 turn. . Place the diamond chainsaw on the ground making sure the chain is free of any obstructions. . Place right foot on the base of the rear handle. Figure 1: a-Trigger, b-trigger interlock, c-throttle lock C B A 7. Place left hand on front handle. . With right hand, slowly pull starter handle until the starter pawls engage. 9. Pull the starter cord (hard, fast, short pulls) until engine fires or "pops" - should be 1 to 7 pulls. 10. Push the choke lever in. 11. Pull the starter cord until engine starts - should be 1 to 2 pulls. 12. When the engine starts, allow the engine to idle. Pull on the throttle trigger several times to help warm up the engine. 1 . Open the water valve completely. WARM ENGINE STARTING PROCEDURE 1. Use the same procedure as starting cold engine, but DO NOT pull choke lever out. If choke is used, the carburetor will flood with gas. 2. If the engine does not start in hard, fast pulls with the throttle locked, unlock the throttle and pull the starter cord more times. Note: To hold the trigger fully open it may be necessary to insert right foot into rear handle opening and twist. STOPPING THE SAW • To turn the engine off, toggle ignition switch to the "STOP" position. Close water valve. P/N 70944 Jan 07 © 2007 ICS, Blount Inc. 1 OPERATION 633GC OPERATOR’S MANUAL PRE-CUT CHECKLIST • Proper Chain Installation: The bumper should lead the segment into the cut, double bumper chains may be mounted in either direction. • Proper Chain Tension: The chain should be tight but easily pulled around the guide bar by hand. • Ensure all safety devices are properly mounted and functional and that all controls are in proper working order. • Be sure there are no obstructions (plumbing, electrical conduit, air ducts) and no unnecessary people present. • Always wear protective clothing, including hard hat, eye protection, hearing protection, non-slip safety boots, and gloves. Avoid wearing loose fitting clothing. • Adequate Water Supply and Pressure: Minimum Flow: 2 gpm ( lpm) Minimum Water Pressure: 20 psi (1.4 bar) • Diamond chains with SealPro® require a minimum water pressure of 20 psi (1.4 bar). The single most important factor an operator can control to IMPORTANT increase chain life is to use adequate water pressure. Insufficient water supply will result in excessive wear to the chain, which can lead to loss of strength and chain breakage. PLANNING THE CUT • Select the proper chain type for the material being cut. • Outline the cut with a permanent marker for a visual cutting guide. • Avoid pinching the guide bar and chain. Always cut the bottom of an opening first, then top, and then the sides. Save the easiest cut for last. • For the straightest cuts use the “Step Cut” method. First score the entire cut line approximately a half-inch deep using the nose of the bar. Next, deepen the cut by about two inches. Then plunge all the way through and complete the cut using the Wallwalker®. • Be sure cut concrete cannot fall and injure operator or bystanders. Concrete is very heavy, one cubic foot = 12”x12”x12” = 1 0 lbs. ( 0cm x 0cm x 0cm = kg). • Check for live electrical wiring near the cutting area or in the concrete to avoid electrocution. © 2007 ICS, Blount Inc. P/N 70944 Jan 07 633GC OPERATOR’S MANUAL OPERATION CUTTING WITH THE 633GC To start a cut, hold trigger on full throttle and slowly plunge the nose of the bar straight into the wall. Lengthen the cut and engage the point of the fixed Wallwalker®. Use the fixed Wallwal...

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