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Anleitung Breitling, modell 5105

Hersteller: Breitling
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Anleitung Zusammenfassung

Keep the watch exposed to bright light The electricity generated by the solar cell of the watch is stored by a built-in battery. Leaving or using the watch where it is not exposed to light causes the battery to run down. Make sure the watch is exposed to light as much as possible. • When you are not wearing the watch on your wrist, position the face so it is pointed at a source of bright light. • You should try to keep the watch outside of your sleeve as much as possible. Charging is reduced significantly if the face is even only partially covered. l l l l l l l l l l l Bright Light Solar cell • The watch continues to operate, even when it is not exposed to light. Leaving the watch in the dark can cause the battery to run down, which will result in some watch functions to be disabled. If the battery goes dead, you will have to re-configure watch settings after recharging. To ensure normal watch operation, be sure to keep it exposed to light as much as possible. All functions enabled LEVEL 1 LEVEL 2 LEVEL 3 Charge LEVEL 4 Rechargeable battery Bright Light Electrical energy Solar cell (Converts light to electrical power.) Some or all functions disabled LEVEL 1 LEVEL 2 LEVEL 3 LEVEL 4 Discharge Battery charges in the light. Battery discharges in the dark. • The actual level at which some functions are disabled depends on the watch model. • Frequent display illumination can run down the battery quickly and require charging. The following guidelines give an idea of the charging time required to recover from a single illumination operation. Approximately 5 minutes exposure to bright sunlight coming in through a window Approximately about 8 hours exposure to indoor fluorescent lighting • Be sure to read “Power Supply” for important information you need to know when exposing the watch to bright light. If the display of the watch is blank... If the display of the watch is blank, it means that the watch’s Power Saving function has turned off the display to conserve power. • See “Power Saving Function” for more information. Note that CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. assumes no responsibility for any damage or loss suffered by you or any third party arising through the use of this product or its malfunction. About This Manual • Depending on the model of your watch, display text appears either as dark figures on a light background or light figures on a dark background. All sample displays in this manual are shown using dark figures on a light background. • Button operations are indicated using the letters shown in the illustration. • Each section of this manual provides you with the information you need to perform operations in each mode. Further details and technical information can be found in the “Reference” section. General Guide • Press C to change from mode to mode. • In any mode (except a setting mode), press B to illuminate the display for about one second. Timekeeping Mode Press C. Alarm Mode Countdown Timer Mode World Time Mode Stopwatch Mode Timekeeping You can adjust the Home Time city data and time in the Timekeeping Mode. You also can simultaneously display the current time in one other time zone, by specifying a Dual Time City. • For information about selecting a Dual Time City, see “To specify the Dual Time City”. • Pressing D in the Timekeeping Mode will cycle the lower display between the screens shown below. D D Home City Date Home City Time Dual Time Month – Day D Day of week Seconds Right dial hand (World Time) PM indicator Hour : Minutes Dual Time City code Dual Time (Hour : Minutes) Read This Before You Set the Time and Date! This watch is preset with a number of city codes, each of which represents the time zone where that city is located. When setting the time, it is important that you first select the correct city code for your Home City (the city where you normally use the watch). If your location is not included in the preset city codes, select the preset city code that is in the same time zone as your location. • Note that all of the times for the World Time City codes and Dual Time City are displayed in accordance with the time and date settings you configure for the Timekeeping Mode. To set the time and date 1. In the Timekeeping Mode, hold down A for about five seconds until the left dial hand points to T1 and the city code flashes on the upper display. This is the setting mode. 2. Use D and B to select the city code you want. • Make sure you select your Home City code before changing any other setting. • For full information on city codes, see the “City Code Table”. llll l l l lllllll City code 3. Press C to change the flashing screen content in the sequence shown below to select the other setting. 12/24-Hour Seconds Format Hour Minutes DST Month Year City Code Power Saving Day 4. When the timekeeping setting you want to change is flashing, use D or B to change it as described below. Change the city code Toggle between Daylight Saving Time ( ) and Standard Time ( ). Use D (east) and B (w...


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