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Anleitung Equator, modell WP 818

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Your dishwasher circuit should not be used for any other appliance while the dishwasher is in operation as the dishwasher requires the full capacity of the circuit. If the wall socket you plug the dishwasher's power cord into is controlled by a switch, turn on the switch. Pull Unicouple and its hoses completely out from storage compartment located at rear of dish- washer and attach it to the faucet adapter. Turn water fully on before starting the dishwasher.31If faucet has no threads: attach the faucet adapter to faucet, then tighten every screw of the adapter. To prevent leaking your should tighten the adapter. 2Attach the Unicouple connector to the faucet adapter by depressing the collar at the top of the connector. When Unicouple is all the way up onto the adapter, release the collar. It will then snap Into position to lock the Unicouple in place. The Unicouple s small hose carries water from the faucet to the dishwasher. Its large hose carries drain water to the sink. Be sure Unicouple is pointing toward the sink bowl drain opening and the sink drain is open for water that will drain from your dishwasher. If your dishwasher drains into a disposer, operate the disposer until it is completely empty before starting the dishwasher. ' A hose that attaches to a sink spray can burst if it is installed on the same water line as the dishwasher. If your sink has one, it is recommended that the hose be disconnected and hole plugged. Remove the power cord plug from the wall socket. Disconnect Unicouple from faucet adapter.218 If the sink is 34 inches or higher from the floor, the excesswater in Unicouple hoses cannot be drained directlyinto the sink. It will be necessary to drain excess waterfrom hoses into a bowl or suitable container that is heldoutside and lower than the sink. DIMENSIONS(mm) 4506509151210The water supply to the appliance can also be connected to the house hot water line(centralized system, heating system),as long as it does not exceed a temperature of 60 C. In this case, the wash cycle time will be shortened by about 15 minutes and the wash efficiency slightly reduced. The connection must be made to the hot water line following the same procedures as those for the connection to the cold water line. 400Dieses Handbuch ist für folgende Modelle:
Geräte - SP 818 (1.54 mb)
Geräte - SP 818 (1.54 mb)
Geräte - WP 818 (1.54 mb)


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