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Anleitung Dynacord, modell DTI 2000

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Since operating and programming the DTI 2000 is similar to the operation and programming of a paging console, the DPM 4000 System handbook, the DPC 4000 paging console owner’s manual, and the Help Files of the PC Designer software may also be useful information sources. Characteristics The DTI 2000 is a micro processor-controlled, completely configurable telephone interface for DYNACORD PA-systems and sound reinforcement systems. The DTI 2000 is used for connecting the DPM 4000 System Manager to a telephone line or network to launch announcements from each telephone set over the loudspeaker network and to trigger signals, pre-recorded text messages and control functions (macros) of the DPM 4000 System Manager using a telephone set. The DTI 2000 needs to be connected to an analogue phone line and is controlled via tone-dial (multifrequency dialling). Using the supplied cable, the telephone interface has to be connected to a paging console input on the DPM 4000. The interface transmits serial control data as well as LF-audio signals. The DTI 2000 appears at the DPM 4000 as a special paging console allowing it to be programmed via the PC Designer Software in paging console dialog mode. The DTI 2000 offers 100 call numbers (from 00 to 99). Any function can be assigned to any call number. Possible functions include zone or group selection, live-announcements with pre- programmable priority and pre-chime signal, playback of pre-recorded text messages and triggering of DPM 4000 macros. The DTI 2000 offers two different access authorisations with individual password protection. Depending on the actual application and desired operation, the DTI 2000 allows initiating any possible function from a standard telephone set – from making a simple announcements up to triggering a sound reinforcement installation’s most complex sequential control procedures. Features . Selection of up to 100 zones for announcements . Programming of up to 20 call groups for group calls and collective calls . Configuration of a call number organisation chart of up to 100 numbers (0 ... 99) for announcements and arbitrary control functions . Selecting several zones or groups for announcements . Initiating the playback of pre-recorded text messages . Triggering of special functions (macros, erase zone / group selection) . Assigning priorities for announcements and message playback . Two level password protection . Acknowledgement signals for O.K., faulty entry, busy, outgoing text message, etc. . Automatic hang up: to specify the duration of announcements via internal Dip switches . Trimmer on the front panel for setting the audio signal level . Programming via PC Designer Software equivalent to DPC 4000 paging consoles . Configuration possibility for world telephone standards (country-specific settings) DTI 2000 Manual e EDITED.doc 2 Controls and Connections front view 1. POWER indicator The POWER LED lights when the DTI 2000 receives power input from the supplied power supply unit, which allows worldwide connection and use because it accepts input voltages between 85V AC and 250V AC. 2. SEIZE / DROP key (SELECT) This key allows manually accepting or cancelling phone calls and is mostly used for testing. When an incoming phone call is present (ringing), pressing the SEIZE / DROP key establishes the connection (picks up). Pressing the SEIZE / DROP key again cancels (hangs up) a live connection. Since the DTI 2000 automatically picks up any incoming call respectively automatically hangs up when the remote call is terminated, this key is basically not needed during normal operation. 3. DROP and SEIZE indicators The red DROP LED indicates that there are no live connections (i.e. the DTI 2000 is on-hook). The green SEIZE LED indicates that the DTI 2000 established a connection to the calling party (i.e. the DTI 2000 is off-hook). The DTI 2000 automatically connects to incoming phone calls. Using the internal DIP-switch S202 allows specifying the number of rings prior to accepting a call. 4. TALK indicator The orange TALK LED lights whenever the DTI 2000 is in announcement mode (i.e. when an announcement into a single or several zones of the PA-system has been initiated via telephone connection). 5. LEVEL control / meter bars Audio signals that are transmitted from the DTI 2000 to the DPM 4000 System Manager can be monitored using the TO PAGING MANAGER meter bar. Level adjustment is possible via the associated LEVEL control on the front panel using a small screwdriver. The level setting range is between ***dB (counter clockwise stop) and ***dB (clockwise stop). Currently, the TO TELEPHONE indicator and the associated level control are not used. DTI 2000 Manual e EDITED.doc 3 Rear 6. TO PAGING MANAGER connectors, female The two TO PAGING MANAGER connectors represent the interface to the DPM 4000 System Manager. Using either the 9-pole D-Sub connector or the 6-pole RJ-12 socket (simultaneous use of both terminals is not possible) to establish audio an...


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