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Anleitung Novatel, modell SMART-V1

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For more detailed information on the installation and operation of your receiver, please refer to the OEMV user manuals. The manuals and their latest updates may be found on our website at: SMART-V1/V1G BOX CONTENTS Accompanying this quick start guide, the following are also provided with your SMART-V1/V1G: • 1 CD containing: • An installation program for NovAtel’s Control and Display Unit (CDU) graphical user interface software • Product documentation, including user manuals • 1 User Manuals postcard for requesting printed manuals SMART-V1/V1G OPTIONAL CABLES • The SMART-V1 is availble with a USB, CAN or RS-422 multi-connector cable (these have 7 open ends, see Table 1, or have no connectors, that is, all open-ended): • USB (18-pin connector to 2 serial DB-9 connectors, 1 USB connector) • CAN (18-pin connector to 2 serial DB-9 connectors, 1 CAN DB-9 connector) • RS-422 (18-pin connector to 3 serial DB-9 connectors) • The SMART-V1G is available with the USB cable above. .. The multi-cables are also available without any connectors but with all their wires open-ended. Table 1: Multi-Cables Bare Tagged Wire Colors ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT REQUIRED The additional equipment listed below is required for a basic setup: • A Windows-based PC with an RS-232 DB-9 port • A power supply and connection (+9 to +28 V DC) • One of the optional cables detailed in the SMART-V1/ V1G Optional Cables section earlier in this guide SETTING UP YOUR SMART-V1/V1G Complete the steps below to connect and power your receiver. 1. Mount the SMART-V1/V1G on a secure, stable structure with an unobstructed view of the sky. 2. Connect the SMART-V1/V1G to a serial port on the PC. 3. When connecting power to the SMART-V1 or SMART-V1G, it is recommended that you use a battery source. In this case, it is important that you tie together the bare wires tagged as GND2 (brown) and GND (black) to the battery’s negative terminal. Tie the bare wires tagged as PWR (red) and PWR2 (orange) to the battery’s positive terminal. Guidelines for grounded and floating installations are shown in the following diagrams. WARNING: If you do not use a battery, you must tie together the bare wires tagged as GND2 (brown), GND (black) and DIGGND (green) to the DC power supply’s negative ground connector. Failure to tie the appropriate grounds, as explained in this section, may result in your SMART-V1/V1G becoming permanently damaged and void your warranty. Normally when a vehicle engine is started, power can dip to around 9.6 VDC or even cut-out to ancillary equipment. INSTALLING THE PC UTILITIES Once the SMART-V1/V1G is connected to the PC and power supply, install NovAtel’s PC Utilities. 1. Start up the PC. 2. Insert the accompanying CD in the CD-ROM drive of the computer. 3. Select Install the OEMV GPS PC Utilities from the window that is automatically displayed. If the window does not automatically open when the CD is inserted, select Run from the Start menu and select the Browse button to locate Setup.exe on the CD drive. 4. Install the PC Utilities by advancing through the steps provided in the NovAtel GPS PC Utilities setup program. QUICK START GUIDE Color Function Color Function Red PWR Green Digital GND Orange PWR2 Brown GND2 Blue T SIG (PPS) Black GND Yellow Reserved USB or CAN to PC COM1 COM2 PWR2 (orange) GND (black) USB COM1 COM2 PPS (blue) Digital Ground (green) Grounded TE (Terminal Equipment) To SMART-V1 Vehicle Power Source This ground may Ground connection be inherent needs to be made near the antenna to preclude damage caused by voltage differences across the vehicle chassis Nearly all vehicles have a negative chassis ground PWR (red) GND2 (brown) Reserved (yellow) COM1, COM2, USB and Digital Ground are connected in cable (where DB9 and USB connectors are used) Equipment interfacing with PPS Equipment needs to be groundreferenced to use PPS signal Chassis Ground Application PWR2 (orange) USB COM1 COM2 PPS (blue) Floating TE (Terminal Equipment) Vehicle Power Source GND (black) PWR (red) Reser ved (yellow) To SMART-V1 Nearly all vehicles have a negative chassis ground GND2 (brown) Floating equipment interfacing with PPS Digital Ground (green) COM1, COM2, USB and Digital Ground are connected in cable (where DB9 and USB connectors are used) Floating TE Application ESTABLISHING RECEIVER COMMUNICATION To open a serial port to communicate with the receiver, complete the following. 1. Launch CDU from the Start menu folder specified during the installation process. The default location is Start | Programs | NovAtel OEMV | OEMV PC Software. 2. Select Open.... from the Device menu. 3. Select the New... button in the Open dialog box. 4. Enter a name for the new device configuration in the Name field of the New Config dialog box. 5. Select the Settings button. SMART ANTENNA 6. Select the PC serial port the SMART-V1/V1G is connected to from the PC Port drop-down list. 7. Select 57600 from the Baud Rate list. 8. Uncheck the...

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