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Anleitung Spirit, modell Z900

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General Cleaning - Dirt, dust, and pet hair can block air inlets and accumulate on the running belt. On a monthly basis, vacuum underneath your treadmill to prevent buildup. Once a year, you should remove the black motor hood and vacuum out dirt that may accumulate. UNPLUG POWER CORD BEFORE THIS TASK. BELT ADJUSTMENTS: Treadbelt Tension Adjustment - Belt tension is not critical for most users. It is very important for joggers and runners in order to provide a smooth, steady running surface. Adjustment must be made from the right side of the rear roller in order to adjust tension with the 6 mm Allen wrench provided in the parts package. The adjustment bolt is located at the end of the right side rail as noted in diagram below. Tighten the rear roller only enough to prevent slippage at the front roller. Turn the treadbelt tension adjusting bolt in increments of 1/4 turn and inspect for proper tension. When an adjustment is made to the belt tension, you must also make a tracking adjustment to compensate for the change in belt tension. This is accomplished by turning both the tension and tracking Allen bolts an equal amount. This adjustment should be made by turning both bolts clockwise by no more than a 1/4 turn at a time. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN .. Over tightening will cause belt damage and premature bearing failure. General Maintenance Note: Adjustment is through small hole in end cap. Tracking / Tension Adjustment Tracking / Tension Adjustment TREADBELT TRACKING ADJUSTMENT: The performance of your treadmill is dependent on the frame running on a reasonably level surface. If the frame is not level, the front and back roller cannot run parallel, and constant belt adjustment may be necessary. The treadmill is designed to keep the treadbelt reasonably centered while in use. It is normal for some belts to drift near one side while the belt is running with no one on it. After a few minutes of use, the treadbelt should have a tendency to center itself. If, during use, the belt continues to move toward one side, adjustments are necessary. TO SET TREADBELT TRACKING: A 6 mm Allen wrench is provided to adjust the rear roller. Make tracking adjustments from the left side only. Set belt speed at approximately 2 to 3 mph. A small adjustment can make a dramatic difference. Turn the bolt only a 1/4 turn and wait a few minutes for the belt to adjust itself. Continue to make 1/4 turns until the belt stabilizes in the center of the running deck. The belt may require periodic tracking adjustment depending on use and walking/running characteristics. Some users will affect tracking differently. Expect to make adjustments as required to center the treadbelt. Adjustments will become less of a maintenance concern as the belt is used. Proper belt tracking is an owner responsibility common with all treadmills. ATTENTION: DAMAGE TO THE RUNNING BELT RESULTING FROM IMPROPER TRACKING / TENSION ADJUSTMENTS IS NOT COVERED UNDER THE SPIRIT WARRANTY. 20 Z100. / Z500 / Z900 21 Z100. / Z500 / Z900 BELT / DECK LUBRICATION: Do not lubricate with other than Spirit approved lubricant. Your treadmill comes with one tube of lubricant and extra tubes can be ordered directly from Spirit. There are commercially available lube kits, but the only one currently approved by Spirit is Lube-N-Walk. These kits come with an application wand that makes applying the lubrication easier. The kits can be purchased from Spirit or directly from Lube-N-Walk here: Keeping the deck lubricated at the recommended intervals ensures the longest life possible for your treadmill. If the lubricant dries out, the friction between the belt and deck rises and places undue stress on the drive motor, drive belt and electronic motor control board, which could result in catastrophic failure of these expensive components. Failure to lubricate the deck at regular intervals may void the warranty. The deck comes pre-lubricated and subsequent lubrication should be performed every 180 hours of use, or every three months, whichever comes first. The console has a built in lubrication reminder indicator that lights every 180 hours of use. To lubricate the deck with the tube of lubricant supplied it will be necessary to loosen the walking belt. Using the 6 mm allen wrench supplied, loosen the two rear roller adjustment bolts -- located in the rear end caps .. enough to get your hand under the belt (5 ..10 turns). Make sure to loosen both bolts the same amount of turns and also remember how many turns, because when finished you will need to tighten the bolts back to the point they were before. Once the belt is loose, wipe the deck with a clean lint free cloth to remove any dirt. Apply the whole tube of lubricant onto the deck surface about 18 inches from the motor cover. Squeeze out the contents of the tube across the deck (parallel to the motor cover) in about a one foot line, like toothpaste on a toothbrush. The one foot line should be in the middle of the deck at approx...


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