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Anleitung Spirit, modell Z300

Hersteller: Spirit
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USER 1 ~ USER3 Step 1. Choose User 1 ~ User 3. Step 2. Press “MODE” button to set time. You can adjust by pressing “FAST/SLOW”. Step 3. Press “MODE” button again to set speed, first segment will flash and press “FAST/SLOW” button to adjust speed, press “UP/DOWN” button to enter incline programming then press “UP/DOWN” again to adjust. Press “MODE” button to enter next segment. Step 4. After setting, press “START” button to start training, treadmill will adjust the SPEED and INCLINE in accordance with profile. User can press “STOP” button 12 Z8 to stop training during operation and window will save last values. If last time is COUNT UP, press “START” to continue COUNT UP and other data will COUNT DOWN. H.R.C. (H1 ~ H2) Step 1. Choose H1 or H2. Step 2. Press “MODE” button to set time. The range is from 10:00 to 99:00 and press “FAST/SLOW” to adjust. The time will count down according to setting. If you do not set the time, console will count up from zero. Step 3. Press “MODE” button again to set “AGE” in PULSE window. The range is from 10 to 99 and preset value is 30. Press “FAST/SLOW” button to adjust then window will calculate the T.H.R as below formula: H1 = (220-age)*60% = TARGET HEART RATE H2 = (220-age)*80% = TARGET HEART RATE Step 4. After calculating, if you want to change T.H.R, press “MODE” button to enter setting “T.H.R” in PULSE window the range is from 60 to 220. Press “FAST/SLOW” button to adjust. Step 5. After completed setting above, please use the chest strap (no included), then press START to execute H.R.C. Step 6. If your heart rate doesn’t achieve set value (T.H.R), the treadmill will increase INCLINE height automatically till user achieves target value. Then treadmill will adjust incline UP/DOWN to maintain your T.H.R.. Note: The incline will not execute, if the real heart rate < T.H.R. –26. ERROR MESSAGE: 1. LS: Treadmill doesn’t receive the speed signal for 8 seconds. 2. E2: Incline position error. 3. Err: Memory of console malfunction or CPU accessing problem. 13 Z8 Z14 8 P1 SPEED PROFILE P2 SPEED PROFILE P3 SPEED PROFILE P4 SPEED PROFILE P5 SPEED PROFILE *SPEED PROFILE P1 INCLINE PROFILE P2 INCLINE PROFILE P3 INCLINE PROFILE P4 INCLINE PROFILE P5 INCLINE PROFILE *INCLINE PROFILE Target Heart Rate Target Heart Rate . The old motto, “no pain, no gain”, is a myth that has been overpowered by the benefits of exercising comfortably. A great deal of this success has been promoted by the use of heart rate monitors. With the proper use of a heart rate monitor, many people find that their choice of exercise intensity is either too high or too low and exercise is much more enjoyable by maintaining their heart rate in the desired benefit range. . To determine the benefit range in which you wish to train, you must first determine your Maximum Heart Rate. This can be accomplished by using the following formula: 220 -User’s Age = Maximum Heart Rate. If you enter your age during programming of the console the console will perform this calculation automatically. This is used for the HR control programs and also for the Heart rate bar graph (Z500/Z700 only) After calculating your Maximum Heart Rate, you can decide upon which goal you would like to pursue. The two most popular reasons for, or goals of exercise, are cardiovascular fitness (training for the heart and lungs) and weight control. The black columns on the chart above represent the Maximum Heart Rate for a person whose age is listed at the bottom of each column. The training heart rate, for either cardiovascular fitness or weight loss, is represented by two different lines that cut diagonally through the chart. A definition of the lines’ goal is in the bottom left-hand corner of the chart. If your goal is cardiovascular fitness or if it is weight loss, it can be achieved by training at 90% or 70%, respectively, of your Maximum Heart Rate on a schedule approved by your physician. Consult your physician before participating in any exercise program. With all Spirit Heart Rate Control treadmills, you may use the heart rate monitor feature without using the Heart Rate Control program. This function can be used during manual mode or during any of the nine different programs. The Heart Rate Control program automatically controls incline. 15 Z8 CAUTION! The target value used in H-1 and H-2 programs is a suggestion only for normal, healthy individuals. Do not exceed your limits! You may not be able to obtain your chosen target. If in question, enter a higher age value that will set a lower target goal. Using a Heart Rate Transmitter How to wear your wireless chest strap transmitter: 1. Attach the transmitter to the elastic strap using the locking parts. 2. Adjust the strap as tightly as possible as long as the strap is not too tight to remain comfortable. 3. Position the transmitter with the Spirit logo centered in the middle of your body facing away from your chest (some people must position the transmitter slightly left of center). Attach the final ...

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